You Love, Thrive, Breathe & Exist Fully from the Depths of Your Divine Light Core by Lisa Brown

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Lisa Brown

Your desire for deeper connections will continue, for the old surface and shallow ones will no longer do. Your desire for true happiness, based on purity, love, inspiration, respect…. these will drive you… from within you…. As you delved deeper into your own BEING, you feel more, know more, realize more and hold more light than ever before. Your own integrity is important, your own sharing is too. Your way is perfect just for you, your chosen journey, fulfillment of your purposes and missions… these inspire and connect you with all others doing this too.

The OLD Earth was separated and focused on that which did not matter, not truly…. and now you realize that you were sleeping too. You are not always sure what’s next, yet it does not matter, for you are committed and following your own truth, speaking your own truth and showing others what true beauty, magnificence and NEW EARTH REALITY IS….
Abundance starts inside of you and this grows too. Your connection with all things as ONE AGAIN….. this never goes…. FOR YOU’VE REMEMBERED….



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