7段階の魂年齢 by メラニー・ベックラー

7段階の魂年齢 Melanie Beckler     魂の年齢は、魂が成長した経験と数々…

情報源: 7段階の魂年齢 by メラニー・ベックラー

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
The 7 Levels of Soul Age by Melanie Beckler

Soul age is a concept used to describe the experiences of soul growth and the development of a soul across lifetimes. Unlike physical age… Soul age is not determined based on time, or how many incarnations your soul has had into the physical.
Soul age is a highly personal description and way of tracking growth. It simply refers to how far your soul has progressed on the path of growth and soul development.
With increased soul wisdom comes advancement in soul age. This is why the number of lifetimes you have can be far more than the number of levels in any soul age.
No soul age is better, worse, ahead or behind of any other. Rather the pace at which a soul moves through the levels is something decided long before incarnations begin.
Some souls move through the ages quickly and others like to take their time in order to experience as much depth and learning at a certain level as possible.
After the soul has made its way through all of the levels in every soul age, a new cycle begins on the spiritual plane. The soul’s learning continues, but not through physical incarnations… But in the realms of spirit.
Soul age isn’t a reflection of how many lives you’ve lived. It’s more a reflection of how you’ve grown from the experiences you’ve had during your lives. Remember also that no spirit is more advanced than another. We are all simply in different places having different experiences on our evolutionary journeys.

7段階の魂年齢 by メラニー・ベックラー

魂の知恵が増すに従い、魂年齢が進みます。 このため、経験した生涯の数は、魂年齢の段階の数よりはるかに多くなります。魂年齢は、他の魂よりも優れているとか、悪い、あるいは進んでいる、遅れているという評価はできません。 むしろ、魂が段階を経験する道筋は、転生が決まるはるか前に決まるものです。
早く年を魂年齢を経過する魂もいれば、できるだけ一定の段階で深く学べる経験をするために十分時間をかけるのが好きな魂もいます。魂年齢のすべての段階を終えた後、スピリチュアル・プレーンで新しいサイクルが始まります。 魂の学習は続きますが、肉体への転生はなくなり、スピリットのいろいろな世界での学習が続きます。
魂年齢は、何回肉体に生まれたかを示すものではありません。魂年齢は、人生を生きる間に経験によってどのくらい成長したのかを表します。 スピリットに他よりも進んでいるとかはありませんので忘れないでください。私たちは、皆、単に進化の旅で違った場所で違った経験をしているにすぎません。

現在の混乱と喜び by 大天使ミカエル

大天使ミカエル 現在の混乱と喜び   こんにちは。平和の大天使、愛の戦士、新たな情報をもたらすミカエ…

情報源: 現在の混乱と喜び by 大天使ミカエル

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
December 13, 2016 via Linda Dillon

Yes, there is great chaos upon your planet and it has come to the surface for recognition, for elimination, for reworking, regridding, reformation. It matters not what you call it, sweet one. It is simply a matter of change of form and it is a necessary change of form, change of energy, change of substance so that humanity goes forth in heart, as love, as One.  It sounds so simple and yet, of course, it is not. And never is the aspect of free will, of self-determination, of choice ever interfered with from this side or this realm. Do we attempt and influence? Yes, we do. Do we guide and protect? Of course we do.
But the ultimate wisdom, the ultimate love, the ultimate knowing in the recognition of self-divinity is always ever present, omnipresent, and it will not be overridden. The challenge, of course – and this has never changed throughout time and space as you think of it – the challenge has always been the awakening of that omnipresent wisdom, the omnipresence of love within each and every heart.

現在の混乱と喜び by 大天使ミカエル

とてもシンプルに聞こえますが、もちろん、違います。 そして、またその変更は、こちら側のこの世界の自由意志・自己決定・自己選択が干渉され阻害されるということとは違います。その場合、私たちの意図的な影響があるのですか? あります。 私たちは皆さんを導き守りますか? もちろんです。
しかし、究極の知恵、究極の愛、究極的に自己が神聖であることを知っている状態が常に存在し、偏在しています。これからもそれが覆(くつがえ)ることはありません。 考えれば分かるように、これまで時間と空間を通して決して変わりませんでしたが、問題は常に、偏在する叡智に気づくかどうか、一人ひとりのハートの愛が偏在することに目覚めるかどうかでした。それが課題でした。

💛セリア・フェン 2/2のポータル


情報源: 💛ショート2017-01

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto) 
Celia Fenn

The sun is moving into action again…..as we approach the 2/2 portal on the 2nd of February.
There is a cluster of sunspots developing and we are also in the direct line of fire for Solar Wind from a Coronal Hole that is now facing Earth. This will reach Earth in the next 2 days.
The 2/2 will be our first initiation into the energies that will climax at the 8/8 in August, and will define our experience of this year.
Many people are feeling pain in the throat/sinus/head area, or have colds and flu. This is because there is intense activity in the “collective” throat chakra as we struggle to define who we are and how we position ourselves in this new 5th Dimensional landscape.
It is so necessary now to feel in your Heart and Soul your own divine essence and to stay focussed on your Soul, Spirit and New Earth Self.


2017年 パイオニアへの呼びかけ by 大天使ガブリエル

大天使ガブリエル 2017年 パイオニアへの呼びかけ 終了後の創造   こんにちは、皆さん! また皆…

情報源: 2017年 パイオニアへの呼びかけ by 大天使ガブリエル

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
2017 The Call to Pioneer ~ Moving Into Creation After Completion ~ Channeled Message From Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased we are to be in your presence again. We honour you for your commitment to your enlightenment process, and your diligence to your growth and expansion. How much you have accomplished over the past year of your linear time!
The energetic shift between the energy of 2016 into 2017 is greater and more profound than you usually experience from one year to another. That is because you have just wrapped up a year of personal completion, as well as a cycle of completion. To be clear, it has been completion within completion, which is what has made 2016 a memorable year for many of you in terms of healing and release.
Every last thing within you that needed to be examined, felt, resolved, or released has made itself known to you, most insistently, for its resolution. There was no escaping what wished to be acknowledged. Simply put, whatever was between you and discovering your own divinity and stepping into your authentic power had to go.
This has been arduous work for you, as deep healing is challenging energetically in itself, and it has been coupled with strong influxes of energy flooding your planet, as well. If you are still feeling somewhat battered and worn, rest assured that the bulk of the work has been done, and you are in the phases of assimilation and integration (what we sometimes refer to as energetic fine-tuning.)
What all of this means is that you have done good and important work, all in preparation of the times you are now entering. To give you an idea of how profound the energetic work you have done is, you simply would not have been able to embody the energy you are now holding a mere few years ago. It would have been completely unsustainable in your bodies.

2017年 パイオニアへの呼びかけ by 大天使ガブリエル

こんにちは、皆さん! また皆さんの前でお話が出来て本当にうれしく思います。自分の悟りを進め、誠実に成長と意識の拡大を図る皆さんに敬意を表します。去年、皆さんは本当に大変なことをやり遂げました!

💛プレアデス・シリウス・アークトゥルス カウンシル 2017128

プレアデス・シリウス・アークトゥルス カウンシル 2017-1-28 Asara    では、始めま…

情報源: 💛プレアデス・シリウス・アークトゥルス カウンシル 2017128

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light by ASARA

The more you fill your awake time with re-enforcing what you wish to experience, the less room is available for unpleasant experiences to enter your reality.

This process is now more important than ever, as your mass-consciousness is being affected by every thought you think, emotion you feel, words you speak and actions you take.
In fact, this goes even further: It is affecting the entire Universe and beyond.
Then, all the thoughts, emotions and energies are being returned to your planet, which is then perpetuating it.
Currently, many of you are already generating more and more positive and higher vibrational energies and you are approaching critical mass.
We, from the Galactic Councils of Light are assisting you with this process, upon your request.
You are on the threshold to a New Earth experience.
Hold on to your inner knowing of a better world and existence.
http://www.teloschannel.com/プレアデス・シリウス・アークトゥルス カウンシル 2017128


分断・積極的共同創造 by ザ・コレクティブ

ザ・コレクティブ 分断・積極的共同創造   (一部略)   こんにちは、皆さん! 今日、皆…

情報源: 分断・積極的共同創造 by ザ・コレクティブ

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
A Message to Lightworkers – January 27, 2017 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

The latest guidance from the Galactics, Earth Elementals, Ascended Masters, Faery Elders, and Angelic Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are pleased to have this chance to speak with you today.
Our writer has a few questions for us today, and so, we welcome you to our discussion:

COR: What can we do about the fact that so many people are feeling angry and disempowered now? There is also a ton of divisiveness happening in the US. Social media is full of vitriol against one president or another.
What is happening energetically, and how can we help to raise these energies to a higher level?

The Collective:
What is happening energetically, dear one, is nothing less than an earthquake within human consciousness.
Much of this has to do with the shifts being felt astrologically at present. But as well, there are new Light codes, and new informational Light data, coming to Earth from various places in the Universe, via the Great Central Sun.
And Earth Herself has entered a new era, a new reality.
And so you see the old regime striking out as vehemently as they can, using both mind-control technologies and the old fear-inducing measures of speaking of war, plunder, mindless destruction, loss of healthcare for millions—for the sake of chaos itself.
You see the false bravado and the claims of power that are baseless or empty, and they are recognized as such by many around the world.
And within the United States itself, there is great worry, from those who are feeling the effects of both word energies and the technology that broadcasts dense energies, as well as images of power misused.
Not so many there are seeing through the process in a complete way, seeing through the deceptions, let alone attempting to rescue higher meaning from the swirl of emotional reaction.
Now, if you were to step back a bit, and look at things from the perspective that this is old toxicity, coming up to the surface, and realize that it must come up—things must appear to be getting worse, before they can improve—this puts a different face on things.
We do not wish to diminutize the experience of the many millions who fear mass deportations, environmental ruin, further risk of climate change, human rights abuses, misuse of national budget, the normalization of bullying, and many other concerns.
These are significant issues, and it is understandable that those who feel the urgency of the moment would be up in arms just now.

分断・積極的共同創造 by ザ・コレクティブ

キャロライン・オーシャナ・ライアン: 今非常に多くの人たちが怒りを露わにし、またがっかりしていますが、それに対してどうしたらいいでしょうか? また、数多くの分断がアメリカで起きています。ソーシャルメディアでは、大統領やその周辺の人間をこき下ろす意見でいっぱいです。

こんにちは by グレート ディバイン ディレクター

グレート ディバイン ディレクター こんにちは!   こんにちは! 今日、皆さんにお話が出来てとても嬉しいです…

情報源: こんにちは by グレート ディバイン ディレクター

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Great Divine Director: Greetings!
Channeler: Eliza Ayres 2015-2-7

こんにちは by グレート ディバイン ディレクター

シフトは続く by グレート ディバイン ディレクター

グレート ディバイン ディレクター シフトは続く   私はグレート ディバイン ディレクター(the…

情報源: シフトは続く by グレート ディバイン ディレクター

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
The Great Divine Director: “The Shift Continues”
Channeler: Eliza Ayres 2013-8-24

シフトは続く by グレート ディバイン ディレクター

ハイヤーセルフとの一体化エクササイズ by クリシュナ

ロード・クリシュナ ハイヤーセルフとの一体化エクササイズ   アセンション時に周波数が3次元から5次…

情報源: ハイヤーセルフとの一体化エクササイズ by クリシュナ

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)



新たな旅 by 大天使ミカエル

大天使ミカエル 新たな旅   皆さん一人ひとりが自分を知り理解することが大切です。また、知って分かっ…

情報源: 新たな旅 by 大天使ミカエル

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
I am “Archangel Michael”.
Yes, I led the remainder of this meditation. It is important for each one of you to know and understand who you are. And where you are going with all of this. You have heard many, many times what this all about, how this is going to happen. You have also heard us say that we do not know how this is going to happen exactly.
We have certain understandings that you do not have at this point. If you were to remember who you are, you would remember that many of you have been to this point before in many, different ways. You have moved into different systems before and been called the “system busters”. You have busted systems wide open previously.
You have been at my side many times before. Many of you are and have fought alongside with me. Yes, I have my blue sword of truth. You, each one have your own sword of truth. That sword of truth now is beginning to ring out. You have closed your ears to all of those things that have been spoken of for some time now, programming that has been going on. You have been turning away from that, as a collective.
More and more you are finding that your sword of truth is now reaching out and bringing the answers. Bringing the truth forward to all of those who don’t have an idea about a truth coming forward. They find themselves in their comfort zones. Sitting back and letting the world revolve around them instead of stepping forward and helping the world evolve.

~ Archangel Michael  channeled by James McConnell

新たな旅 by 大天使ミカエル