💛未来から来ました by ギャレット・ジョン

Oracleオラクル あなたはそれをするかどうか決めるために来たんじゃないのよ。 もう決めているんだから。でも…

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Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
We are from the future. by Garret John

未来から来ました by ギャレット・ジョン

オーラ by メルキゼデク

ロード・メルキゼデク オーラ ビクトリア・コクレーン 2016-12-30     生命エ…

情報源: オーラ by メルキゼデク

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Lord Melchazadek- The Auric Field by Victoria Cochrane

The energy of life is multi-dimensional and dynamic. It is ever moving, ever changing and continuously merging with energy of likeness or of different vibrations. All matter, whether it is solid, liquid or gas is continuously moving and is dynamic in nature. This means it either changes and evolves or it gradually breaks down. Nothing in the universe can ever remain the same, nor can it avoid merging with or even becoming a part of another energy force. All is connected in the universe of the Creator, and all is created with intention, whether that intention is for the greater good or against it.

Your aura is your energy field of light that protects your bodies; i.e. physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, from attack or invasion from other people’s energies, emotions and thoughts. It is like a force field that shields you from lower vibrations and from energy that is not for your greater good. It also helps to contain your own emotions, thoughts and traumatic experiences, keeping them from invading the space of people around you. However, the aura is fragile and can be harmed or broken by psychic attack, drug or alcohol use, harsh emotions, trauma and illness. If it is compromised, the person will become vulnerable to negative energies or may unwittingly pass on their own negative energies to other people. Taking on other peoples’ worries is not recommended and can cause a breakdown in mental, emotional, spiritual, and eventually, physical wellbeing that can last for years.

オーラ by メルキゼデク



以下の記事を見て、ザ・グループの“Star Seeding”を思い出しました。当時のアイソン彗星の天体ショーを…

情報源: ヒト遺伝子は地球外から-ノーベル賞受賞者・DNA発見者

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)

Their theory explains that, “organisms were deliberately transmitted to earth by intelligent beings on another planet. We conclude that it is possible that life reached the earth in this way, but that the scientific evidence is inadequate at the present time to say anything about the probability. We draw attention to the kinds of evidence that might throw additional light on the topic.”

Kryon – Human Evolution

The time frame was more than 50,000 years ago, when there were at least 17 kinds of Humans evolving simultaneously. The Pleiadian visit stopped it all, and only one kind of Human survived… something counterintuitive to the evolutionary process of all other animals on the planet. It was on purpose, blessed, and appropriate. You are one of the only species on the entire planet that has only one kind.

ヒト遺伝子は地球外から-ノーベル賞受賞者・DNA発見者  by Arjun Walia

フランシス・クリックとモーリス・ウィルキンス(Maurice Wilkinsイギリスの生物物理学者1926/12/15-2004/10/5)は、「核酸の分子構造及び生体内におけるその顕著な役割についての発見」に関する業績を残した結果、1962年にノーベル生理学医学賞を揃って受賞しました。
クリックの1982年の書“Life Itself”(邦訳『生命-この宇宙なるもの』)で、彼は、DNA分子が地球で生まれたと考えるのは不可能、よってどこかほかの所からやって来たと考えざるを得ない、と言っています。現在の科学の主流では、一般的に認められた理論は、人間は分子同士の数多くの偶然の結びつきによって生命が誕生した結果である、というものです。しかし、クリックによれば、私たち人間は「計画的パンスペルミア(Directed Panspermia)」として知られる結果生まれたという。1973年7月には、クリックとイギリス人化学者のレズリー・オーゲルは共同論文を発表しました。

Lisa Brown

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)  
Lisa Brown

Frequency Loops are anything one gets stuck in, repeats, and can’t seem to shift out of. These are what the human calls karma, spin or repeat cycles. This is just a repetitive frequency that one has yet to recognize, understand or shift out of fear into love. That is all.

How to break the frequency loop? Get conscious, get present, observe it and make a different choice. Much of the time, it will be the one thing you have previously avoided out of fear. The belief of fear creates the loop, while no longer believing is key.
Staying in the frequency loop creates an abundance of parallels, ripples and fractal selves and times. Breaking the loop and shifting to a higher frequency, a higher dimensional version of me, allows for all condensed times to purge, parallels to collapse and unification to begin again within.
Excerpt from: “Navigating Dimensions: Awakening & Ascension Guide Book” by Lisa Transcendence Brown

リサ・ブラウン 繰り返し

では、どう断ち切りますか? 意識する、今にいる、観察してすることを変える。ほとんどの場合、不安や恐れから避けていたことが一つはあるでしょう。恐怖心は、信念の問題と思わないかぎり繰り返します。
Excerpt from: “Navigating Dimensions: Awakening & Ascension Guide Book” by Lisa Transcendence Brown

💛大天使ミカエル by Asara


情報源: 💛ショート2016-12

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Archangel Michael thru Asara. Teloschannel com:

“Greetings, Beloved Ones.

We send you blessings of Love and Light, in this Now Moment, and we invite you to open your heart for our message for you…
This Holiday season, humanity focuses on the light and love of our beloved Master Lord Sananda, also known as Jeshua ben Joseph and Jesus the Christ.
This great avatar for the Christ consciousness of Source has been holding the energies for your planet for eons.
The love and light of these energies are currently greatly amplified and are assisting you in shifting Earth into a higher dimension.
Strong waves of Gamma rays are being sent to your planet to assist with this process.
Allow for these intense energies to be integrated into your body, by getting plenty of rest and following the promptings of your body.
At this time, we invite you to take a moment to become aware of all your blessings in your life and how you can be a blessing for others.
Open your heart to love and the golden resurrection flame, which Lord Sananda is keeping for all life.
What do you wish to create in this now moment and going forward?
Feel the love of your heart and as you contemplate this answer, direct the golden flame of resurrection, with the help of Lord Sananda, towards your vision for your life.
Feel the joyous energies rushing through your heart center as you doing this…
Allow for these loving energies to expand outward and to surround the Earth…
From the Angelic realms, we send you bright blessings for your Holidays!
Know That All Is Well, Beloved Ones.
Welcome Home.
We are walking beside you, every step of the way. Dear Ones, you are loved beyond measure. Always.
I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth.



💛アークトゥルス・カウンシル – 波長とタイムライン by Daniel Scranton


情報源: 💛ショート2016-12

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)

Wavelengths and Timelines ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council
Daniel Scranton 2016−12−23

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
There are several wavelengths that you can put yourself on in any moment of time. These wavelengths represent different vibrational frequencies. They are like mini-timelines. They are like timelines that exist within a very short timeframe, and they are available to you. They are open to having you partake in what they have to offer.

You see, you are co-creating with the energies that are upon your world, just as you are co-creating with the people, animals, plant life, and minerals that are on your world. So when you start to play with energy, vibration, and frequency, you start to tune yourselves to the potential wavelengths that you have access to and the potential timelines that you can also access whenever you choose.
There is not one wavelength that is necessarily better than any other. It is up to you as an individual which wavelength you want to be on to give yourself the experiences that are in harmony with that particular wavelength.
So perhaps you find yourself at a party, and there are several groups of people talking. One group of people is laughing. Another group of people is having a very serious conversation about the environment. Another group of people is talking about other people behind their backs. Another group is having a philosophical conversation.
Each of those groups is on a different wavelength, and you get to choose which wavelength harmonizes with what it is that you want to experience. You find yourselves gravitating at times towards one group while at other times gravitating towards another. It depends on a number of factors, including your mood and what interests you in the moment.
So you see, there will never be a right or a wrong way for you to approach these options that are before you, but it is nice to recognize that they exist and that you are choosing them. It is also wonderful to acknowledge that there is nothing random about the wavelengths that are available to you. When find yourself vibrating at a particular frequency, you are more likely to encounter wavelengths that are in harmony with that frequency.
And so, you set your vibration to the tune of what it is you want to experience, both on the short-term scale and on the long-term scale as well. Again, we recommend that you feel for these wavelengths, you feel for the timelines that you are tuning into and that are available to you, and we highly recommend that you choose consciously what it is that you want to experience.
When you do, you will know yourselves as the creators of your reality and the creators of your experience of reality, and that gives you the strength and the power to create something new, to create the wavelength and the timeline that you want to be on, and that’s when life gets truly interesting.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Daniel Scranton 2016−12−23


聖なる季節のギフトを受け取る by 大天使ガブリエル

大天使ガブリエル 聖なる季節のギフトを受け取る Shanta Gabriel 2016−12−18 私の聞こえ…

情報源: 聖なる季節のギフトを受け取る by 大天使ガブリエル

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Receiving the Gifts of This Holy Season – Archangel Gabriel through Shanta Gabriel

Dear Ones,
Hark! The Herald Angels are singing. Can you hear the Angel voices? The Angels are calling you to rejoice in the Divine Love and Light streaming onto the planet during this special time called Christmas.

Can you hear the Angels whispering to you? Listen with your heart. Allow your whole being to be receptive to these Divine Messengers who have watched over you throughout your soul’s existence. They are here now with one voice singing the idea of Unity within all beings. Making a joyful noise, they offer you the gifts of Divine Light, Grace and a Love beyond your understanding. Receive it into your heart and shine this blessed Light out into the world.
As you are receptive now, it allows the gift of Divine Grace to fill your being. Grace is needed to sanctify the Earth, and to bring greater coherence, respect and an honoring of the gifts the Earth supplies freely in abundance. When humans honor the Earth, they also honor the elements of themselves that make up the Earth.

聖なる季節のギフトを受け取る by 大天使ガブリエル

天使たちの囁きが聞こえますか? ハートで聞いてください、全身で聖なるメッセンジャーの声を受け入れてください。彼らはあなたの魂の隅々まであなたをじっと見守ってきました。今ここですべての人の中にあるユニティという理念を賛美して声を合わせて歌っています。楽しい音を出しながら、皆さんの理解できないほどの神聖な光、感謝、愛を送っています。ハートでそれを受け取り、その祝福の光を世界中に輝かせてください。

アセンションプロセスと次元の分離 by 大天使ミカエル

大天使ミカエル アセンションプロセスと次元の分離 Méline Lafont 2014-2-10  …

情報源: アセンションプロセスと次元の分離 by 大天使ミカエル

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Archangel Michael on the process of Ascension and on the ‘split’ in Dimensional frequencies ~ By Méline Lafont February 11, 2014

Presently Gaia is subdivided in various frequencies comprised of different vibrations representing the Dimensions. On the one hand there is the old matrix, representing the 3rdDimension but on the other hand there are a number of higher frequencies vibrating at the 4th, the 5th and even the 6th Dimension, They all are present on Gaia in the Now. That’s the reason so many of you feel themselves increasingly living on different Dimensions in a conscious way. In fact, all of you are multidimensional beings and you are experiencing and undergoing this feature progressively.
The Earth has an exact duplicate of Herself in a holographic substance, I am not referring to another world far away, rather I refer to a reflection of this Gaia, capable of maintaining the frequency of a 3D matrix. As Gaia Herself is residing more and more in Her higher frequency, all the ones of you capable of maintaining and embodying this higher lightfrequency will be torn away out of this old 3D matrix and will evolve alongside Gaia in Her process of Ascension, all being One. This will result in the fact that the 3D matrix will no longer be nurtured and will wither away and dissolve in this reality of Gaia.

You are now fully busy with this process. We cannot simply let this 3D reality suddenly collapse in a day as it were. How would this serve the whole of humanity if the wish has been expressed to get preferably, if not EVERYONE than at least as much souls as possible, aboard the Ascencion process?! That’s why we will proceed step by step and believe you me when I, Michael, say that we are really close to a complete dissolution of this old 3D duality experience on Gaia. Give it the time it needs for the highest good of the Collective.
The old 3D matrix will continue to exist and evolve on the holographic Earth which is an exact duplicate, a twin of Gaia. It is there that those of you that are still stuck in duality will receive their opportunities to continue on evolving on their own pace without hindering or delaying the vibrations and the process of Ascension on this reality of Gaia where the higher frequencies are already existing and have taken over on an etheric level.

大天使ミカエル ~ アセンションプロセスと次元の分離
Méline Lafont 2014-2-10

 今現在ガイアは異なる波動、次元に分かれています。一方では3次元の古いマトリックスがあり、他方では4次元5次元6次元のいろいろな周波数があります。すべてそれがガイアの今にあります。そういうわけで多くの人が異なる次元を感じるのです。実際皆さんは多次元なのでますますそのような様相を呈しています。 地球には瓜二つのホログラムの実体があります。それはどこか遠くにある別の世界のことを言っているのではありませんが3次元マトリクスを維持しようとするガイアが反射した姿のことです。ガイア自身はもっと高い周波数にあります。皆さんが光の高い周波数でいられると、この古い3次元から離れてこのガイアのアセンションと一緒に進化します。その結果3次元マトリクスはもうそれ以上成長することはなくなり、ガイアの現実から消えていきます。 皆さんは今このプロセスを経験して大忙しです。私たちはいますぐこの3次元の現実を崩壊させることは出来ません。たとえそうしたいと思っても、少なくてもアセンションに乗っている人が数多くいても、そうすることが人類全体に役に立つと思いますか? だからステップバイステップで進めています。でも、私ミカエルに言わせれば、ガイアでは3次元の二極性が崩壊間近であることは間違いありません。すべての人、人類全体にとって最善になるには、時間がかかります。 古い3次元のマトリックスは存続して、複製であるガイアのツインのホログラフィックな地球の上で進化します。そこで二極性に囚われた人がガイアのアセンションのプロセスを遅らせることなく自分のペースで進化していきます。しかしガイアはエーテルレベルで既に高い周波数に達しそこに存在します。

魔法のカーペットを歩く by ロード・メタトロン

ロード・メタトロン 魔法のカーペットを歩く 2016年12月冬至 Rev. Christine Meler…

情報源: 魔法のカーペットを歩く by ロード・メタトロン

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
“As the earth is now upon the entryway of the December Solstice, it brings to Light what has been Dark in all things.” ~ Lord Metatron

Allow this Wave of Light to assist you in your journey.

Will you step unto the Magic Carpet with me and see what life has to offer to you? Are you willing to let go of all the drama of the past, all of the elements that hold you back?
Then come with me, let me show you the way. So, then others will follow and the year of 2017 will be Oneness and a new beginning for Gaia.
Take time during this phase of the year to realize the potential you have within yourself to change, what elements do you need to address, what is your subconscious mind telling you in any given moment, let all these old elements change for the better.
Please know it will not happen magically unless you are ready to really understand who you are as a Soul and a Physical Being Upon this Earth. It is a great time of testing, but it is a wonderful time of acceleration. Change is possible as long as you are willing to look into the many mirrors that need to be healed, reformed, and allow your transformation to take place.
I look forward to our continued journey with each other.
I Am Lord Metatron, Always At Your Service
Integrative Channel: Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

魔法のカーペットを歩く by ロード・メタトロン

〜 ロード・メタトロン

私と一緒に、魔法のカーペットの上に乗って、人生は何を差し出そうとしているのかを見たいですか? 過去のドラマを忘れ、自分を抑えつける問題すべてを手放すつもりはありますか?