Kryon – Change – Not That Comfortable ~ Lee Carroll

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Kryon – Change – Not That Comfortable ~ Lee Carroll

The time capsules from the ancient ones who seeded you are opening because you passed the marker of 2012. They pour their multidimensional attributes into the grids of the planet [the Magnetic Grid – Crystalline Grid – Gaia Grid]. They pour new energy of life through fast-track evolution. All this is picked up first by the old soul, and the things that I have covered – one through five – are facilitated by that. They are catalytic energies that you don’t know about yet, which will eventually be responsible for evolved thought and increased wisdom. Years from now you will even have names for them in psychology.

You’re going to get new habits, perceived as good and bad, and they are going to come right out of your increasingly active Akash. Many will worry about it and say, “Now where did that come from?” You’re going to love the good ones and question the others. Now, the good ones may come in ways that drop old, bad habits and cravings, and also greatly affect what you want to eat. A major change in diet may shock and surprise you, and you can lose weight or gain weight as desired. Whatever you’ve asked for which is most healthy for your body will seem to be “taking over” your cells.

The Akash is starting to align itself with “multiple cultural lifetime events”. This term represents how many lifetimes you have been in a culture where you ate or lived a certain way. This becomes the chemistry that your body wants now. How about that? This would be instead of fast food or normal food shopping. How about that? So, how many of you are going to go with it or go into fear with it? What I want you to do is relax and let Spirit start to build the new Human within you. Do you know what we have called this? It’s a process nobody expected: Ascension while alive. This is you passing into the next energy while you’re alive – a process that took reincarnation before. Are you hearing what I’m saying? In the past you had to die, come back, and realign in order to do what now we are saying you can do while you sit there. That is, if you won’t be afraid of it.

You’re innate has got to be reprogrammed. We told you this before and now you’re doing it through affirmations, positive thoughts and by the actions you are now changing [compassionate action]. Innate is used to an old idea that reincarnation is the engine for enlightenment. You must die and come back in order to take advantage of what you learned, but now you don’t. This is new. We gave you a channelling before that spoke about it.**



アカシャは、これからいろいろな過去生、いろいろな社会で生きた出来事と調子を合わせるようになります。皆さんは非常に多くの社会に生き、そこで様々なものを食べて生きました。体は、その当時のモノを欲しているのです。どうですか? だから、ファーストフードやありきたりの食べ物は食べたいと思わなくなります。どうですか? だから、そうしたいと思う人もいれば、不安になる人もいます。どうか、リラックスしてスピリットに任せて新しい人間を作らせて上げてください。こういうことを何というか知っていますか? 誰も予想しなかった変化ですが、それを、「生きながらのアセンション」と呼びます。それが、生きている時の次の段階です。言っていることが分かりますか? 昔は死んで戻って来なければなりませんでした。そして今、こうしてここに座りながら、今話しているようなことをするために再編成が起こります。