江本博士- 水の秘密~ Masaru Emoto (The Secret Life of Water)

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
江本博士 ~水の秘密
Words arranged & added by Mike

“If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now. And when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong.”
~ Masaru Emoto (The Secret Life of Water)

意識と道 – 大天使ザドキエル “Your Focus and Your Path” Archangel Zadkiel

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
“Your Focus and Your Path”
WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel, Holy Lady Amethyst, and the Angelic Realm of Light ~ Through Linda Robinson

Therefore, when considering your life path or mission, remaining focused is crucial. Each decision needs to be considered from the perspective as to whether it moves you closer to your mission or takes you on a side trail that is not related to your mission.
When you evaluate an activity in this way, decision-making can become easier because your focus on your life path is the criteria for determining whether an activity is a good fit for you and also whether it is for highest good. This allows you to move forward on the path of your life mission with Love and Light.


Kryon – 次の18年 – Lee Carroll

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Kryon – The Next 18 Years ~ Lee Carroll 29:00~

Will Our Pets Ascend ? by Michelle Walling, CHLC,

Transation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Will Our Pets Ascend ?  by Michelle Walling, CHLC,

by Michelle Walling, CHLC,


Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)

There’ll come a time when physics and science meld with consciousness. It is then that you’ll realize that what the Creator gave you comes in a perfect package. It’s not in boxes where Humans separate it and study in different buildings, but one that comes together where all things relate and fit nicely inside a puzzle of energy.
It may take a thousand years, as it did to the ones who seeded the Pleiadians and those who seeded the ones before them. We speak in odd terms here, using Earth years. We also have not defined how long “crossing the bridge to enlightenment” is or how long “crossing the bridge to quantum existence” is. But in general, the civilizations of the past took 1,000 Earth years to go from old energy to new. But it took many times that to go to a quantum corporeal existence. Don’t try to figure it all out, since your process may be faster or slower. We just give you this information to show you that it’s slower than you like. But this is the beginning.
So, dear Human Being, in closing I say these things to you: You sit in a perfect place. You sit next to others who have been through what you’ve been through. It is time to solve the petty problems of humanity, of walking from place to place with aches and pains of your body. It’s time to solve the uncertainties of the psychology [mental anguish], for these things will not serve you. You’re turning a corner, a slow one to some, that will one day be looked at as the major shift of humanity for the earth. This is the beginning of it.
Let me take you forward 100 to 200 years: Let’s sit in a room together. You’re going to look different. Things will be very different, but you’ll be here because that’s what you do. [This is Kryon’s description of you in your next lifetime or beyond.] Sometimes the Human Being asks, “How many lifetimes do I have left?” [Kryon smile] You should instead be asking, “How many Earth-lifetimes do I have left?” [Kryon bigger smile]. How many times can you do this, dear ones?
The system’s goal is to raise the vibration of the galaxy and be surrounded by planets that have ascended and passed the energy to one another. Soon you’ll do the same for others and, you guessed it, you’ll do it again there. Right now, life is beginning on another planet far from here. Another Cave of Creation is starting to be formed. It’s getting ready for you! [Kryon laugh] Are you tired yet? Dear family, you are eternal and there’s a system, and it’s beautiful. When you are not here, you understand it fully and participate without question.

100年から200年先に行ってみましょう。そこで一緒に座ってください。皆さんは全く変わっています。物事もかなり変わっていますが、ここにいます。皆さんはやって来ます。<次の、それ以降の人生のこと> 人間は「私は何回人生を経験したのですか?」と聞きます。 <クライオン笑顔> こう聞いてください。「地球での人生は何回経験したのですか?」と。<クライオン大笑い> 皆さん、何回生まれて来られますか?
全体のゴールは、銀河の波動を上げて、アセンションして、エネルギーの転換を成し遂げた惑星で一杯になることです。他の惑星のように、皆さんもじきそうなるでしょう。もう一度、ここでやります。その時にそう思いました。ちょうど今、ここから遥かに離れた惑星で生命活動が始まっています。別の創造の洞窟が形成されています。皆さんのために整いつつあります! <クライオン大笑い> もう疲れましたか? ファミリーの皆さん、皆さんは永遠です。ここには大きな仕組みがあります。本当に素晴らしいです。ここにいない時は、そのことを完全に理解しており、疑問の余地なく加わります。