Orin by Abigail Wainwright

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
“Love all your thoughts, even those that are limited or fearful. Think of them as small children needing your love and reassurance. If you catch a negative thought, don’t make yourself wrong for having it. Love all your negative thoughts and they will have far less power over you.”

~ Orin (Spiritual Growth)
Abigail Wainwrightオリン

Boundaries ~ Creator by Jennifer Farley

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
What do you do if someone has hurt your feelings or violated a boundary you have set for yourself? The most important thing to remember is that your energy has played a part in the situation. This is not saying that you are wrong….it is saying that you have a choice on how to react to it. Was it an honest mistake? Then take a deep breath and forgive the situation. However, if you choose to set a boundary, allow others violate it, then loudly proclaim your hurts only to do it again keeps you in the same space you were in the beginning. Remember, growth begins with you…..just do it.
~ Creator by Jennifer Farley

創造主 ~ 自他の区別への拘り
誰かがあなたの感情を害して、思っているような限度を超えたことをしたとしたらどうしますか? 最も忘れてはいけない重要なことは、あなたのエネルギーもその状況に関与していたということです。だからと言って、あなたが間違っているというのではなく、その時に、あなたにはその状況でどう反応をするのかの選択肢がある、ということなのです。じゃあ、あなたが正直過ぎてバカだったと思いますか? その時には、深呼吸をしてその状況が起きたことを許してください。でも、自分の境界というものを定めて、それを踏み越えるような事態が起きた場合、それにもかかわらずまた同じ結果になったと言い張る限り、初めの状況は何ら変わりません。成長は、あなたから始まります。そのことを覚えておいてください。成長してください。

THE SYLPHS, Air Elementals, SPEAK by Suzanne Lie

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
THE SYLPHS, Air Elementals, SPEAK
Suzanne Lie 2015-10-21

Good Nowness Dear Human,
We the Air Elementals, the Sylphs, have come to speak with you this day. We are so honored to be able to have a voice for the ears of humanity. Always, we have floated past humans without you ever knowing we are with you. We have often whispered in your ear, and some of you even heard us. Unfortunately, very few could understand what you heard.
What we have been saying all these millennia is that we feel your breath within our sky. When you breathe out your sorrow, we feel sad and concerned. When you are frightened or angry we feel these emotions and wish to comfort you. Wonderfully, when you breathe out happiness we feel joy and wish to join you in your play.
We love to do our work in the wilderness or where there are few humans, as the air over many of your cities is almost intolerable. We take turns working over these cities, as many of us have actually perished from your air pollution. I would also be very helpful if you could assist us to clear the pesky chemtrails, and please remember that your EVERY thought and emotions comes into our sky for us to clear.私たち、気の元素であるシルフ(Sylph)が、今日皆さんにお話しをしに来ました。人間の耳に私たちの声を届けることが出来て光栄に思います。私たちは、皆さんが気がつかなくても、いつも皆さんを通り過ぎて来ました。耳元で囁きかけることもよくあります。中には私たちの声聞いたことのある人もいますが、残念なことに、何を聞いたのか理解できる人はほとんどいませんでした。

Who’s In Charge? ~ Creator by Jennifer Farley

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)

Who’s In Charge?
A gentle reminder; you are the one in charge of your growth and healing, you are in charge of your perceptions and emotions. If you choose to say, “You are making me feel ____” or “You are doing ____ to me”, you are relinquishing your power. You are solely responsible for who you are in any given moment. Once you grasp this concept, things will become easier. As always, free will is yours.
~ Creator by Jennifer Farley

創造主 ~ 誰の責任?