物理と科学 by クライオン

物理と科学Lee Carroll 2007-6-17クライオン・サマーライト・カンファレンスカリフォルニア州シ…

情報源: 物理と科学 by クライオン

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Kryon – 6 Forces of Univerce

Some years ago, we then gave you the rest of the story; we said there are twins in the middle of each galaxy. There are two quantum attributes. One that you call a black hole, and one you cannot see that is its twin. They are a push/pull system of interdimensional energy. They represent the missing piece of the named forces of the Universe and the energy that surges back and forth.
Now, stay with me [mainly said for Lee]. I’m going to give you some pictures in your mind for this. Let me tell you what happens when you have this kind of interdimensional energy in the center of anything. Newton’s law no longer applies, since the center is not ordinary mass. This interdimensional energy has a cohesion to it. It creates a flat, rotating galaxy because of this cohesion. There’s a whole set of laws that must be developed for a strong and a weak interdimensional force. These are the last two, and now you have the six. You have gravity, you have electromagnetics, you have strong and weak nuclear, and now you have number five and number six, which are strong and weak interdimensional force.

物理と科学 by クライオン

中心にこのような多次元エネルギーがあるとどうなるか? ニュートンの法則は当てはまりません。中心には通常の質量がないのです。そこで多次元エネルギーが凝集しています。この凝集力によって、銀河の回転は均一回転を創り出しています。そこに法則すべてがあり、強弱の多次元の力が強く大きくなります。それが、後の2つの力です。これで6つになります。重力、電磁気力、強弱の核力、そして、5番目6番目の強弱の多次元の力です。これで揃いました。

💛 連結した宇宙 by Nassim Haramein

10月26日 連結した宇宙 宇宙では生命はどうなってるのか? その見事なパターンを見てください。 科学に新たな…

情報源: 💛 ショート 2016-10

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
“Yes, there comes a time when we can see lives in the air, in the sky that now are invisible”. ~ Kryon
“The Connected Universe” by Nassim Haramein



2011について by クライオン

2011について Lee Carroll 2011-6-11 アリゾナ州 セドナ   こんにちは、皆さん、クラ…

情報源: 2011について by クライオン

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Kryon – “All About 2011” – Lee Carroll

2011について by クライオン

Celia Fenn 2016-10-25

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)  
Celia Fenn

Heads up!

GEOMAGNETIC STORM UNDERWAY: A G1-class geomagnetic storm is underway on Oct. 25th as Earth enters a stream of solar wind flowing from a coronal hole on the sun. Storm levels could intensify to G2 as our planet moves deeper into the stream on Oct. 25-26. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras.
from the Spaceweather website.
Intense energies incoming today…..and for the next few days….
The Sun is assisting us with deep processes of clearing and cleansing on both the physical and planetary levels. I realized recently that Solar Flares are electrical in nature and activate, while Solar Winds are magnetic in nature and pull up deep issues for clearing.
Try not to resist the process….flow….release…sleep…cry…howl…dance…sing….whatever it takes!
Breathe….deeply…affirm life!
Life is good…..be grateful for all that you are and all that you experience.
25-26日 磁気嵐


繋がる by 大天使ミカエル&精霊+オーロラ

大天使ミカエルと精霊 穏やかに変化する Deborah Faith 2016-10-25   エゴは…

情報源: 繋がる by 大天使ミカエル&精霊+オーロラ

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Archangels and Devas – Preparing the Way for Peaceful Transition
Deborah Faith 2016-10-25

Beloveds, we remind you that there exists nothing outside of you, therefore let us guide you on the absolute importance of going within and “checking in” with Source on a daily basis in order to assure a peaceful transition at this ‘time’ in the Great Shift.

Once or twice daily, afford yourself the time and space to sit in peaceful silence and focus your attention within your Body and High Heart center. Focus on the Breath and allow yourself to become centered. Then, when you are ready, call upon the Highest Light within you, to ground Itself IN and THROUGH you deep into the Planetary Core of Gaia, thereby assuring that you are fully connected both above and below (on Heaven and Earth). Whilst within this Sacred Connection and vortex of Creation you are in Presence and being empowered, re-energized, and re-Sourced on ALL levels of being.
It is whilst you are in this Sacred Space that you are Co-creating with the Divine Source of Everything in a profound and significant way!
It is this Sacred Connection that will transform your entire existence!
繋がる by 大天使ミカエル&精霊+オーロラ

真実の探求 by オーロラ

オーロラ 真実の探求 Karen Downing  2014-3-18   地球は今次元の境界の壁が…

情報源: 真実の探求 by オーロラ

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
“The quest for truth” Aurora thru Karen Downing

真実の探求 by オーロラ

💛 更新情報 by 銀河カウンシル

光の銀河カウンシル プレアデス・シリウス・アークトルゥス  更新情報 ASARA 2016-10-23 &nb…

情報源: 💛 更新情報 by 銀河カウンシル

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
The galactic council of light by ASARA 2016-10-23

光の銀河カウンシル プレアデス・シリウス・アークトルゥス 更新情報
ASARA 2016-10-23

また来ました。 皆さんを愛しています。 私たちは、皆さんです。皆さんの未来から手助けをしに来ました。 皆さん、皆さんの肉体、感情体、エーテル体、スピリチュアル体は、次のアセンションと新生地球を経験する段階に入るために、今、必要な活性化が起きています。 高次元との境目は薄くなっており、それによってもっとはっきりと私たちの存在を感じられるようになるでしょう。 私たちは皆さんと一緒にいます。リクエストがあれば、皆さんとのコンタクトはどんどん増え始めるでしょう。 人間が自主的に、人間主導で私たちと人間とのコンタクトが始まります。 リクエストすれば、それだけ皆さんを手助けできます。 今、地球の転換という大事な時です。 人間の大衆の意識を軽んじないでください。 人それぞれの深奥には、愛、ユニティ、共感力、協調性、ワンネス、大いなるすべての最高善の共同創造力があります。 その自分内部にある特質に目を向け、その愛のある所を大勢の意識、集合意識に結び付けるようにすることが非常に重要です。 午前中の瞑想や、そう感じた時に、いつでもそうやって連結してみてください。 すると、エネルギーが高まり、翻って今度は、地球が思ったよりも早く新生地球の現実に進んでいきます。 そのようなことをすると、光の銀河カウンシルの何百万という宇宙船が地球の周りで、あなたの愛の周波数を支えます。 皆さんはとても愛されています。 いつも、皆さんと一緒にいます。 皆さんを愛しています。 私たちは皆さんです。 ナマステ

繰り返さない ~ 基本フラクタル by クライオン

字幕「過去を換え終末思想を消す」「今後18年」参照 繰り返さない 基本のフラクタル Lee Carroll 2…

情報源: 繰り返さない ~ 基本フラクタル by クライオン

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Lee Carroll 2016-6-11

The Pleiadians themselves gave a time limit for your growth, and it’s the one you are looking at right now. It is the start and end of the precession of the equinoxes, the middle of the fundamental cycle, 25,630 years. You had several civilizations that started and stopped during that time, and if you hadn’t made it by now, you weren’t going to make it at all. This was the last chance.

繰り返さない ~ 基本フラクタル by クライオン


Lisa Brown

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Lisa Brown

These upcoming days you will start to see what you could not see before, understand through your heart/soul that which was not accessible before, experience the feelings that were locked away, deep beneath your human separation beliefs, pains, fears, judgments…
There is this deep profound beauty that can only be accessed through the soul. As your soul awakens, your human reality won’t “match up” anymore. It won’t inspire you as your soul/spirit needs to be inspired, it won’t fulfill you if it doesn’t speak to that sacred place inside….
Your Soul will desire for more. To fulfill your purposes, missions and experience your deep inner dreams and desires…..
Your different aspects will activate, for you to play out different roles here. From one extreme to the other, in order to come to balance, peace and unity and the purity of love within yourself.
Your realities evolve as you do. Ever changing as you do. Transforming into exquisite and beautiful existences as you release the old programs that you held inside, that created all of that out there…..
What is coming is always a vibrational match to what you’ve achieved inside. It’s always a response to the frequencies that you hold and transmit out. It’s always the “next dimensional phase” or experience that you came here to experience. It will always be the tangible-visible physical to show you what you hold within you and each moment will move you between aspects to experience the culmination of your own soul’s embodiment thus far.
Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

💛 5次元で生きる by 大天使ミカエル


情報源: 💛 5次元で生きる by 大天使ミカエル

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Archangel Michael – Living in 5th dimension
by Celia Fenn 2012-1-19
5次元で生きる by 大天使ミカエル