Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Ute Posegga-Rudel 2015-7-13…/mahavatar-babaji-ch…

As you see, evolution occurs on the pillars of duality: In your situation the light and the dark, as these forces are so dominant in your present experience. The emergence of the dark at these times and the fight between the light and the dark forces is merely the trick of your own Divine Consciousness, to allow you to acknowledge that these dual forces are projections from your own inner state of human consciousness, fighting in reality within yourself – even if unconscious, – yet.

What you perceive outside of yourself is the mirror that reminds you of what you have chosen at a time to play with and to experience in this incarnation. It is a mere exploration of those possibilities, because you all know profoundly your true state of mere bliss and mere light. But you asked yourself and wanted to experience: what if light would diminish, what if light would cease to exist and what would be the outcome of it.
Now, after so much suffering and having been fallen into the pit of darkness (darkness is always present as soon as only one iota of the Absolute Light is diminished) you remember the Infinite Light and its Source, pondering whether it is worth to continue further the down spiraling path. Now many of you are all at the very threshold where you must make an important decision:


Jeshua – The lightworker’s mission ライトワーカーのミッション by イエス

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Jeshua – Inhabitant of two worlds: the lightworker’s mission
~ Pamela Kribbe July 3. 2015

And that is what I would like to emphasize today: the importance of being strong and self-aware, which is a message about the male energy inside you. When I was living on Earth over two thousand years ago, I needed to often isolate myself in order to remember who I was. There were a lot of confusing energies around me, especially from the expectations of the people close to me. I needed to protect myself from that to remain connected to my higher self. Often, I would go to the desert alone to feel really close to God, to Spirit, and to keep my confidence.

It is the same for you. You are inhabitants of two worlds: you have one foot in today’s human society and the other foot in your soul’s dimension, the realm you come from. You need to firmly keep your foot in that dimension, otherwise you become bogged down and fearful because of society’s pressure. You need your male energy to firmly say “no” to demands and expectations that do not feel right for you. So, in that sense, you must be a warrior, although not a warrior who is fighting and struggling with other people. To be a warrior means to be true to yourself, to disconnect often from the world around you, and to listen to what you feel, to what you sense, to trust your inner guidance.
I ask you to now travel with me in your imagination to the desert and to go there at night time. The temperature has cooled down and you see a sky above you full of brilliant stars. Imagine that you are there with me, and feel the mystery of the huge space around you – feel the mystery of life. You find a place to sit down and you relax and go inside yourself. The desert is like an external gateway to your own inner temple into which you now enter. Inside that temple you feel connected to the fullness of the Earth and to all the stars in the Heavens.


Archangel Metatron ~ James Tyberonn

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
When ‘The Love of Power’ is replaced by ‘The Power of Love’, there will be happening of quantum leap in consciousness.
~ Archangel Metatron ~ James Tyberonn
力への欲(the Love of Power)が 愛の力(Power of Love)に置き換わる時、意識は量子的、クリスタル的飛躍を起こします。

Quantum Lemurians 人間の進化~Kryon

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Quantum Lemurians ~ Kryon – Lee Carroll

Lemurians had a quantum consciousness through the spiritual seeds that were given to them within the layers of DNA I have spoken about before. It carried over, even into what you have called the Atlantians. The Lemurians knew about the solar system, about DNA, and about how physics worked. This information is scientifically funny, for the scientists of your world will look at this statement and say, “That’s absurd; absolutely absurd. There’s not one artifact that has ever been found that would lead anyone to believe that the ancients had the ability to manufacture the glass necessary for microscopes and telescopes. They didn’t even have electricity. They didn’t have computers. They didn’t have anything that would allow them to know what we know today. They were not an advanced race. They didn’t have science like we enjoy, or the discoveries of the last century. They couldn’t have known any of those things.”
And I say to those scientists, how assumptive of you to define higher knowledge into what you specifically have invented. Let me tell you, they did! But they had it through quantum DNA. In other words, it was intuitive. Being in a quantum state with something creates a oneness with it. Quantum physics knows this. When a Human Being has a consciousness that is one with everything, he knows all about cellular structure, for he is part of it and can see into it. He knows how it works. He can “see” unbalance. He can “see” the solar system. He can see the energies of the planets as they go around the sun, imbuing the sun with a gravitational pattern of the moment. They knew all about science, for it was part of them. They’re from the dirt of the earth. They’re in a quantum state with all. It is intuitive knowledge and they didn’t need a telescope. They didn’t need a microscope. They didn’t need a computer! You do, because you’re linear and you’re hobbled. You’ve had to create instruments to do for you what the Lemurians did naturally.
This science they had was different. They didn’t study to get it; therefore, it doesn’t have the same form yours does. It was common knowledge and used casually. When you wish your arm to move, it simply does. Do you analyze the myriad of signals that went from the brain to the muscles? No. But what if Humans lost that ability over time? Then some day they would invent machines to make their arm move with thought. If so, then in the far future they would probably totally deny that you ever could do it… since they never found an “arm machine” artifact.
The earth has been stuck in linearity for eons. This is what your energy and vibration has created. The quantum consciousness of the past has tempered and not been used. You lost it. Suddenly in 1987, Human evolvement moved off the peg of what it had been for centuries.
What is taking place, dear ones, for all to know and see and understand, is that very, very slowly you have the linearity of the Human brain starting to be reduced. Unlike the autistic, it will be in ways that will still be balanced and make sense. In other words, you will be able to move in and out of quantum thought any time you wish in order to live in a linear, 3D existence, but have quantum consciousness. It will be a return to a form of consciousness that Lemurians had, but with the wisdom of the ages that you have collected. This will not be fast, but the forerunners of that are already here.

クオンタムだったレムリア人に戻る ~人間の進化
そういう科学者に言いますが、特に自分たちが発明したものが高度な知識だと思い込んでいますね。しかし、レムリア人は知っていました! ただ、道具を使うのではなくクオンタムDNAによって知っていたのです。つまり、直観的に知っていたということです。何かのものとクオンタム状態になると、それと一つに結びつきます。量子物理でそのことが分かります。どんなものとでも一つに結びつく意識を持つ人間は、細胞の仕組みまで知っています。その人間は細胞に繋がってその中が見えるのです。その仕組みが分かります。アンバランスな体が“見えます”。太陽系も“見えます”。太陽系を周回するいろいろな惑星のエネルギーを見ることができ、太陽の重力に影響を受けていることも分かります。彼らは科学についてすべて知っていました。科学法則と一体だったからです。彼らは地球で生まれましたが、地球のすべてとクオンタム状態にありました。それは、直観的な知識ですが、望遠鏡は必要ありませんでした。顕微鏡も不要でした。コンピューターも不要でした! 皆さんは直線的に考えてよろけているのでそういう道具が必要です。レムリア人は自然にできましたが、皆さんは代わりにやってくれる道具を作りださなければなりませんでした。
ただ彼らの科学は皆さんとは違っていました。その知識を得るために勉強はしません。だから、皆さんの科学とは形態が違います。彼らの科学は常識と言える共通認識で、平気で使われていました。皆さんは、腕を動かしたければ腕はすぐ動きます。その時には、大脳から筋肉に流れる無数の信号を分析しますか? しませんね。でも、もし、仮に、長い時間の中で人間が腕を動かす能力を失ったとして、それから、ある時、思考によって腕を動かせる機械を発明するとします。しかしもし発明しても、それからもっと遠い未来の人たちは、“アームマシーン”の人工遺物が見つからなかったので、そういう事実が存在したことを完全に否定してしまいます。

KRYON – Human Evolution ~ Lee Carroll

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
KRYON – Human Evolution ~ Lee Carroll

What is taking place, dear ones, for all to know and see and understand, is that very, very slowly you have the linearity of the Human brain starting to be reduced. Unlike the autistic, it will be in ways that will still be balanced and make sense. In other words, you will be able to move in and out of quantum thought any time you wish in order to live in a linear, 3D existence, but have quantum consciousness. It will be a return to a form of consciousness that Lemurians had, but with the wisdom of the ages that you have collected. This will not be fast, but the forerunners of that are already here.

Watch the autistic child go through what they must do (autism in its most severe form). They are so nonlinear that there is incredible frustration in trying to linearize even the Human voice as you speak to them. They will do the same actions over and over and over, trying to linearize the nonlinear. The linear walls are gone in their brain, and they have to learn to build the ones that they need. Humans then see them as a problem, and it’s not a problem. It’s a form of gifted children who are helping this planet to grow. Blessed are those who come into Earth as the new wave of consciousness to show you where it’s going. They are setting the stage for a new kind of Human. For this quantumness will develop in a balanced way where many will have the autistic talents where they want them, and the linear when they want that. That’s what the Human mind is capable of – being quantum when they wish to be. That’s a return to the way it was given to you.