Passing the Torch ~The Beacons of Light Meditation~

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
光の灯台瞑想 ~「松明を手渡す」2000-1
Passing the Torch ~The Beacons of Light Meditation~
The group by Steve Rother
~The Beacons of Light Meditation~

Breathe deep and relax as you feel your body getting very light. Let yourself go. Join us on this wonderful journey. With each breath an odd noise is heard almost behind your head. Every inhale brings new energy and life into your body and this energy fills your every sense. You open your eyes to see beautiful colors, yet somehow they are slightly blurred. You think that you should be worried but you are not, you are calm and enjoying the experience. As you move, you feel as though you are in slow motion. The most beautiful music fills your ears and your spirit begins to soar as you begin to understand where you are.

You are in the ocean, and the sound that you hear behind your head are the bubbles you are exhaling. You are swimming with members of your family and this is a very special day. You are here to swim with the dolphins. Looking to your right you see some small fish traveling past you. For the first time you take in the beauty of the full colors they offer as they pass. You wonder where they are going as they seem to have a destination in mind. You wonder if you might get a chance to see a school of dolphins. They have always fascinated you, even though you have not had any contact other than to see the trained ones.

Now, up ahead, you see a large gathering of aquatic cetaceans of all shapes and sizes. The many varieties of species are astounding. Many of like kind are gathered in schools or pods. They are all focused on what is about to happen. Not sure what to expect, you find a comfortable spot from which to view the happenings. Just as you settle in, you see the giant of all beings rounding the corner. It is a Blue Whale and the grandeur of this beautiful creature is matched only by its graceful movement. The Blue Whale finds its spot next to a Gray Whale of similar proportions. Soon all begin to fall into silence. Now all that can be heard is the gentle movement of oxygen bubbles as they glide past, on their way to the place where the ocean meets the sky. Something is about to happen.

The event is now beginning as a Blue Whale begins to speak: “We are very honored to be here at this moment to pass the final torch to our ascendants, the humans. Our greatest desires were to be at this spot one day and now that is possible. There were times when we thought this day would never come, but together we have all worked hard to make this happen. Now we turn over the care of the planet to the Humans as was written so long ago.”

Just then there is a rush of excitement as you see everyone moving around. You look intently at the flurry of ocean beings watching for the special ones that you had always hoped to see up close the dolphins. Not seeing any dolphins you turn your attention once again to the Grand Blue Whale as she once again begins to speak: “We will remain for a time to back up the humans and then our job will be finished here. We wish to tell you all that it has been our greatest pleasure to be here and hold this energy while the humans slept.” With that the entire gathering begins to make noises that can only be compared to a harmonious toning. Hearing this sound brings back floods of memories that you have no reference for. You have heard recordings of whales singing but never have you heard the beauty of this. You become aware that this was an expression of approval similar to applause. It once again dies down as an aquatic hush falls over the entire scene. Now in the silence suddenly there are dolphins all around you. To your amazement you are talking to them through thoughts. The dolphins are fun loving beings and they begin to tease and play with you. You feel very close to them and find that you seemed to be taken into their family. Once more the singing fades and the eerie silence returns.

All eyes now turn to the water’s edge where there is a large gathering of people communicating with the whales and dolphins from the shore. You are in the water with the dolphins surrounding you and you get to watch the proceedings from the point of view of the dolphins. The humans are there to receive the torch of responsibility for the Gaia energy. They speak in unison: “Thank you for holding the energy for us while we slept. Now we will learn to live together in full support with the Mother energy. Thank you for showing us the way. We invite you to stay and enjoy the creation of Heaven on Earth.” Once again the harmonious toning came from the many species of cetaceans as they show their approval. Now the people begin to come into the water and swim. Now the dolphins begin to make passes at you in the water. The dolphins that were with you a moment ago are playing with the humans in the water. With each pass they look you right in the eye and make contact.

One of the dolphins singles you out and you begin to play with this one alone. Somehow you know this energy. Somehow you know that this meeting was preordained. Just then, you close your eyes and see geometric patterns in the darkness behind your eye lids. They are very interesting shapes and they have a warm feeling associated with them. It is almost as if they are helping you to re-member things that you had forgotten. The feelings of well-being and love increase as they offer you these geometric shapes. Soon they begin to make noises both on top and under the water as well. One of the dolphins is looking right at you and begins to speak in the chirps and squeaks of delphinine. You see the patterns that are created in the water as they communicate with you. The patterns are the same geometric shapes that you saw before. They are communicating with the people in their playfulness. One message they are communicating, is that it is a Game to be enjoyed and to stop taking themselves too seriously. Follow their hearts and see themselves as part of the whole not separate from one another. The people are beginning to get the message and the laughter is shared by all.

Saying goodbye to the people at the shore line was difficult for some of the dolphins but it was now time for the humans to return to dry land. The Dolphins were now ready to leave and return home as well. You find yourself saying goodbye, as your friend nuzzles up to you for one last dolphin hug. Then in an instant they are gone. As you walk out of the water you find yourself returning to where you began this journey.

Feeling that you are now back in the familiar surroundings of your dry environment, you once again close your eyes to see the geometric shapes that they gave you. In that instant you re-member the feelings of your encounter in the water. Every time you close your eyes and see the geometric shapes it will help you to re-member your connections to the Earth and that wonderful day with the dolphins.

And so it is

光の灯台瞑想 ~「松明を手渡す」2000-1












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