愛の波動 by 大天使ミカエル&セント・ジャーメイン

ビクトリア・コクレーン 2017-3-11   大天使ミカエル 愛の波動   世は周り、尚…

情報源: 愛の波動 by 大天使ミカエル&セント・ジャーメイン

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings from the Masters: The Vibration of Love 2017-3-11
The Vibration of Love by Archangel Michael
Stepping into the Light by Saint Germain

愛の波動 by 大天使ミカエル&セント・ジャーメイン

魂の道 by イエス

イエス 魂の道   ビクトリア・コクレーン 2017-3-1   皆さんの言葉で、人生は一瞬という言…

情報源: 魂の道 by イエス

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Jesus ~ The Way of the Soul
by Victoria Cochrane  2017-3-1

Life is fleeting although, in human terms, it may last for decades or even a century. Some people live long lives while others are only on Earth for a very short time. No matter how long one lives, the impact a person’s life has upon the planet and the people around them is important and has a great effect on the imprint on one’s soul. It may seem that the events occurring through one’s life are random and unplanned, when in fact most people on Earth are living out lives that have been planned and mapped out from the time of their birth until their death: their parents, their siblings, their major lessons and higher purpose for being on Earth are all planned before birth. One’s soul family will also promise to enter one’s life at certain points in a lifetime in order to help keep one on track or to help in times of need or crisis. A lifetime of woe, then, is usually chosen and can be the source of major learning and fast-tracking of soul growth for that person, even though the person may not be consciously aware of it.

魂の道 by イエス


クリスタルのパワー by メルキゼデク

ロード・メルキゼデク クリスタルのパワー   ビクトリア・コクレーン 2017-1-22   神聖幾…

情報源: クリスタルのパワー by メルキゼデク

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Lord Melchizadek – The Power of Crystals

Sacred geometry has long been a way for higher minds to send messages from the universe to worlds and the Earth. Crystals are formations using sacred geometry as a matter of course, each one being unique and coded in a particular way for a particular purpose at a particular point in time. There is no one crystal exactly the same, whereas geometrical shapes are exact replicas of each other and of a permanent nature. The combination of sacred geometry within a crystal formation, then, is an exact science within a spectrum or continuum of change, for crystals continuously change, grow or diminish with time, wear and tear and the absorption of energy. The colours within the crystal itself may also change according to its location and its density. The longer a crystal remains in the ground the larger it may become, forming shapes within shapes that attract a certain vibration of light.
The diamond in this picture, although of imperfect shape, has been captured in a crystal and is a perfect example of sacred geometry in motion. In time, with the absorption of energy from the outside world, the diamond will become less perfect and more unique. Does not the human body do the same thing? Is not the body a creation in progress, growing, changing and aging, changing shape as it grows older and wiser? If the crystal were protected, however, from absorbing negative energy, it would take much longer to break down and thus would last much longer as well.

クリスタルのパワー by メルキゼデク

この写真のダイヤモンドは完璧な形ではありませんが、クリスタルを写した写真で、動き変形する神聖幾何学文様の完璧な見本です。やがて、外部のエネルギーを吸収してダイヤモンドの形はますます崩れてもっとユニークになるでしょう。人間の体にも同じようなことが起こるのですか? 人の体は、成長・変化し、加齢が進み、形が変わり、益々老いて賢くなるのですか? しかし、もしクリスタルがネガティブなエネルギーから守られれば、変形するのにもっと時間がかかり、もっと長期間同じ状態のままであり続けるでしょう。

オーラ by メルキゼデク

ロード・メルキゼデク オーラ ビクトリア・コクレーン 2016-12-30     生命エ…

情報源: オーラ by メルキゼデク

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Lord Melchazadek- The Auric Field by Victoria Cochrane

The energy of life is multi-dimensional and dynamic. It is ever moving, ever changing and continuously merging with energy of likeness or of different vibrations. All matter, whether it is solid, liquid or gas is continuously moving and is dynamic in nature. This means it either changes and evolves or it gradually breaks down. Nothing in the universe can ever remain the same, nor can it avoid merging with or even becoming a part of another energy force. All is connected in the universe of the Creator, and all is created with intention, whether that intention is for the greater good or against it.

Your aura is your energy field of light that protects your bodies; i.e. physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, from attack or invasion from other people’s energies, emotions and thoughts. It is like a force field that shields you from lower vibrations and from energy that is not for your greater good. It also helps to contain your own emotions, thoughts and traumatic experiences, keeping them from invading the space of people around you. However, the aura is fragile and can be harmed or broken by psychic attack, drug or alcohol use, harsh emotions, trauma and illness. If it is compromised, the person will become vulnerable to negative energies or may unwittingly pass on their own negative energies to other people. Taking on other peoples’ worries is not recommended and can cause a breakdown in mental, emotional, spiritual, and eventually, physical wellbeing that can last for years.

オーラ by メルキゼデク


💛大天使ミカエル ~ 信じる by Victoria Cochrane

11月17日 大天使ミカエル 信じる Victoria Cochrane 2016-11-16   …

情報源: 💛ショート 2016-11

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Archangel Michael ~ Believe by Victoria Cochrane, 2016-11-16

‘Believe’ is the message for today, Dear Ones, for belief is the driver of perception and action. Whatever you believe is what you will create and that will be your reality.

Life on Earth is made up of many dimensions of consciousness. The lowest dimension is the Third, where human consciousness is grounded in ego, materialism, greed and serving self. Within this dimension there are many levels of vibration and it is possible to have a higher level of consciousness within the Third Dimension. However, the people who continue to remain in the Third Dimension at this time of Ascension remain in drama, poverty, greed, corruption, hatred, war, domestic violence and severe depression. If they cannot begin to raise their consciousness out of the low vibrations, they may find themselves in situations that are dire. This is because the belief system of scarcity or that one is a victim comes with much baggage from the past. If one is to ascend into the higher dimensions of consciousness the past must be released and forgiven. Low levels of consciousness tend to make the person choose not to take responsibility for their actions or their part in their relationship difficulties. Blame and ridicule of the other party is much easier than facing up to one’s own truth. However, this type of thinking is based on false truths that have been shaped by one’s upbringing, experiences and interactions with others, mixed in with cultural and societal indoctrination.
There are many levels of truth, Dear Ones, that shape belief systems, and many of these belief systems are religious in nature. Although religion is meant to bring one closer to God’s light and love, most religions teach separation, judgment and condemnation of those who do not share the same beliefs. Many acts of violence and terrorism are carried out in the name of God or Allah when God, the Creator ordains no such actions. In fact, God requires no religion at all and God is not separate from you. All in the Universe is one and every human is one with God and with each other. God is the highest truth of all and his light absolves you of any sins you may have committed.

大天使ミカエル ~ 信じる by Victoria Cochrane 2016-11-16