フィールドⅠby クライオン


情報源: フィールドⅠby クライオン

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
The Field
~ KRYON through Lee Carroll  www.kryon.com

You all have a “vibration” of your own, like a string on an instrument that vibrates. If you vibrate slightly differently, you can be in tune with the cosmos.
The Field is that physical space around you that can resonate with another source.
It’s like you were designed to resonate with something you are unaware of. This attitude of resonance is tuned to togetherness and harmony, and you are starting to be asked to resound to The Field.

The Field is a benevolent, harmonious vibration, and if you were to then go and resonate with it with your consciousness, you can activate your cellular structure and live longer. Did you know that harmonizing and resonating with The Field within your own consciousness at the right time and the right place actually can cause spontaneous remission? Those who can completely harmonize with The Field can actually control and alter physics!
Since 2012, The Field has increased its awareness and more and more old souls are seeing that they can harmonize and find the frequencies of consciousness that are in The Field.
It’s outside of linearity and scientists are calling it quantum entrainment or entanglement – “things that want to work together in an odd nonlinear way, which are benevolent and harmonious”. Literally, things that don’t normally work together can do so when they’re exposed to The Field. It’s happening more and more.
Use of The Field
The Field was created for you in this new energy, for old souls. It is literally waiting as a resonate frequency of your consciousness to be activated.
You can call it enhanced intuition if you wish. The Field is that which helps those who are in tune with it and it coordinates things. It puts things together. It makes different things harmonize and vibrate at the same frequency. Let’s interpret that harmonization as a solution and a life that makes sense. It’s an energy that answers problems when you didn’t think there would be answers at all!
“ Innate ” has been called the wisdom body of the Human Being. Almost like a body sensitivity that is beyond you and inside you,( muscle-test ) ..There is part of the body that knows more than you do, which is called innate… When the bridge is finally built, you will all be your own medical intuitive! Right now, you’re not. However, the innate is the secret, and the answer to using The Field. Innate is already connected to The Field. That means YOU are already connected to The Field.
Now, in this enhanced new energy, The Field has increased. It is more available to synchronize with, to entangle with, than ever before. It is ready to put things together for you, situationally, biologically and consciously. It is ready to expose you to your Higher-Self in a way that you had only hoped for in the past.
Now, be careful, for there are those of you who are too linear to do this. … You can’t even begin to understand the physics of a multidimensional circle. What you are doing is enhancing a time fractal of the future. You are creating that which is not here yet (from your thinking), but the way we see it, The Field is already there and working the solution. It already exists.
You start stating who you are, because it’s who you’re going to be. In your linear time, it hasn’t happened, but to us, it has! Listen, each one of you who is listening to this, I know that you have got something to say to your body; I know it. It’s time to connect to The Field!
Dear ones, you’re already equipped. Your connection to this field is already there. That’s the beauty of the creator and this energy today. It is asking you to resonate to something beautiful, then stand back and watch it work..
~ Saskia Waheina



ここで、もう一つ別の言葉ではっきりさせることが出来ます。経験した人もいます。自分の周りにあるものと共振する場についていろいろなチャネリングされ、それについて語る人もいました。その場が、フィールドです。フィールドは愛に溢れ調和した波動です。もし、意識がそのフィールドに共振するようになったとしたら、あなた自身の細胞は生き生きと動き出し、もっと長生きします。意識が正しい時と場で実際に自分のフィールドに共振し調和すると、自然治癒が起こりますが、知っていますか? どうしてそういうことが可能なのか知っていますか? フィールドと完全に一致し調和した人は、皆さんの知る物理法則をコントール、変更できます! 物理法則を操った歴史上のマスターの話を聞いたことがありますか? 実際に彼らの多くがそうでした。最近、インドで亡くなったマスターも同じことが出来ました。

11:11(字幕) by クライオン

2011-10 @ カナダ モントリオール それは、私たちに届いた「起こるよ!」というシグナルでした。地球が転…

情報源: 11:11(字幕) by クライオン

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Kryon – Spiritual Logic – Lee Carroll

11:11(字幕)by クライオン

ハルマゲドンの舞台 ~ イスラエルツアー(字幕) by クライオン

2015イスラエルチャネリングツアー ハルマゲドンの舞台 多くの国が大量破壊兵器を所有するようになった時、2つ…

情報源: ハルマゲドンの舞台 ~ イスラエルツアー(字幕) by クライオン

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Kryon – Armageddon ~ Israel Tour #9, Lee Carroll

ハルマゲドンの舞台 by クライオン

刷新終了2(字幕)by クライオン

ノースカロライナ グリーンズボロ 2016-4-3 皆さんはヒーラーです。リーディングする人、ヒーラーです。2…

情報源: 刷新終了2(字幕)by クライオン

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Kryon – Recalibration Completion – Lee Carroll

刷新終了2(字幕)by クライオン


でも、また元に戻っていきます。長い時間がかかったと思うかもしれません。私たちはまた元通りになる、もっと強くなると言いました。これからそうなります。待っていたのであれば元に戻ります。今までの人生で一番強くその可能性が感じられます。ヒーラーの人、それまでの2倍の力が付きます。思ってもいなかったサイキックな力が出てきます。リーディングする力が表れます。「クライオン、まさか自分が病気になるとは思ってなかったよ」。- 本当ですか? 「能力がなくなって病気になるとは」。「そのどこに喜びがあるのですか?」と言います。そして私たちはずっと腰かけて、あなたの手を取って、辛抱、辛抱、辛抱してくださいと言っています。

DNAの未来 by クライオン


情報源: DNAの未来 by クライオン

Translaion by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Kryon – The Future of DNA

A Human baby comes into the planet today, but what is going on today is different from when you were born.Their Genesis cells, the “how a Human works” cells, are changing.
New born kids are starting to awaken to being intuitive about their own health. The bridge isn’t built yet to innate, but it is closer with them and they’re feeling something. Innate is talking to them for the first time. Listen: You didn’t have it, but they do. Listen to them.

You’re going to see children remembering how to walk and how to eat much earlier, without training. It will be faster than the older paradigm, and faster than the doctors who know about child development will have seen. It will be “off the scale”. Get ready for it; it’s instinct. It’s simple chemistry. It’s the DNA working better. via Lee Carroll

DNAの未来 by クライオン



2月14日 クライオン 聖なるバランス   人間は、生まれる前の計画段階の時に、聖なる均衡の中で、課…

情報源: 💛ショート 2017-02

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Divine Balance
~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll
In the balance of the divine, the Human forgets that in the planning stages not only were the problems and the challenges created for lessons, but the solutions as well. That is the divine balance for you to remember.  From Kryon Book 7

 クライオン ~聖なるバランス


💛ミシェル・カレン 2017-02


情報源: 💛ショート 2017-02

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Michelle Karén
February 2017 Newsletter
Friday February 10 at 4:33 PM PST, we are graced with a Lunar Eclipse in Leo (22º28′).

Lee carroll canaliza a Kryon. Barcelona 2013

ミシェル・カレン 2017-02

クオンタム・パターン by クライオン

クオンタム・パターン Lee Carroll 2016-1-23 テキサス州サン・アントニオ   こ…

情報源: クオンタム・パターン by クライオン

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Kryon – Quantum Patterning by Lee Carroll, 2016-1-23

Dear ones, the energy on this planet is going to change the old patterns. The patterns of consciousness lay in the attributes of the magnetic grid of the planet, as altered by the heliosphere of the sun. This grid, combined with the new place you are in space [where your solar system is headed], are going to modify the patterns of both of these consciousness examples and are going to make the one that is most complex with fractals far more powerful than the basic survival one. Did you get this? The new energy is changing how humanity reacts to the other Human fractals! It’s time to grow up, and Human consciousness will evolve and no longer will there be a scale of light and dark like the scales of justice because the evil will then measure a far less powerful influence over compassionate and complex harmonic vibrations. Light will simply outweigh the simplistic patterns of the evil on the planet by a huge margin.

クオンタム・パターン by クライオン

皆さん、地球のエネルギーは古いパターンを変えようとしています。意識パターンは、太陽圏によって変更されて地球の磁気グリッドに広がります。このグリッドは、太陽圏が新たな宇宙空間の領域に進みながら、今お話しした人類の高低両方の意識パターンを修正・変更し、原始的な生き残りを遥かに凌駕するほど強力なフラクタルで非常に複雑化したパターンを創り上げます。分かりますか? 新しいエネルギーは、他の人間のフラクタル(従来のお決まりの思考・言動パターン)に対する反応の仕方を変えています! 今、成長する時です。人間の意識は進化して、正義の天秤のような光と闇という秤はなくなります。その理由は、悪の影響力は衰え、調和した複雑な曼陀羅のような愛と思いやりの波動を凌ぐことが出来なくなるからです。光が、最も無知な地球の悪のパターンを大幅に凌駕して行くだけです。

スピリットとのコミュニケーション by クライオン

スピリットとのコミュニケーション Lee Carroll 2016-1-10 コロラド州ボルダ―  …

情報源: スピリットとのコミュニケーション by クライオン

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)

Many awakened souls are troubled. “Dear Spirit, I’ve discovered you! I know you’re there and I can feel the love! I’m awake, I’m awake, I’m awake! God is great, and I’m living my truth. Thank you for giving me such peace about myself and my life. But why are these things happening in my body? Why can’t I shake this habit? Why can’t I get the job you said I could? I believe in you.” Then comes the Human bias: Once again you go into a dark room when nobody is looking and say, “What did I do wrong?”

Let me give you a hint and a secret: Many of you are blocking the creation of what you’re asking for with your impatience, fear and even your anger at God. You’re blocking the creation of it. [Gasp!] The timing may have come and gone! Oh, don’t worry, there’ll be another cycle. So, are you going to tap your toe through that cycle as well? It’s time for the affirmations. With maturity and grace, see it as accomplished in your mind, in your future, and celebrate being abundant and healthy. See yourself having the situations that you have asked for because, dear ones, we want you to stay here.
Speak your truth out loud and affirm things that you believe are within your potential. They become reality, and the more you affirm them to yourself, the more real they will become.

スピリットとのコミュニケーション by クライオン

目覚めた多くの人が問題を抱えています。「神様、私は神を知りました! 確かに神はいます。神の愛が感じられます。私は目覚めた。目覚めた! 神は素晴らしい。私はこの真実を手にして生きていきます。自分も人生もこんなに穏やかになって感謝します。でも、私の体はどうなっているのですか? どうしてこの習慣が止められないのですか? なぜ神は仕事に就けると言ったのにその仕事に就けないのですか? でも信じています」。そして、また、誰も見ていない暗い部屋に入って、「どこが悪いんだ?」と言います。
皆さん、そのようなことに辛抱強くなれますか? 目覚め始めると、その間中、周期的に起こるべくしてすべてが起こります。それは、正しい時に正しい所で起こる、素晴らしい計画です。それは、遅く過ぎても早過ぎても、起こりません。つまり、このサイクルはあなた次第の所があるのですが知っていますか? このサイクルの波とタイミングを自分の置かれた状況で理解すればするほど、リラックスして、「神様ありがとう。分かります、その時は来ます」と言えます。

地球のワイルドカード by クライオン

地球のワイルドカード Lee Carroll 2016-11-19 ノースカロライナ州ウイルミントン &nbs…

情報源: 地球のワイルドカード by クライオン

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)

Wild card, as used in spiritual language, is a term that is difficult to define. Wild cards can be events, they can be inventions, they can involve one Human or a few. They can be one of many things or many of one thing, but they follow a timeline that you can look at. We want to talk about some of the wild cards that you’ve had in the past, and some attributes of their occurrence that you might not have thought of.

The basic attribute of any kind of wild card is that it’s a surprise event. It’s often shocking, sometimes revealing, but always a surprise. We’re also going to do some of the numerology as we go, and also take a look at the energies that help define what the energy is around specific wild cards.
Then there was Steve Jobs. He was a wild card.
The Wild Card of 2016
Remember: No emotion now. You have come from another planet and you’re looking at the end of 2016 – and there is the election. Understand without bias.
So for 2016, let’s do the numerology. You add the numbers and get nine. Nine is completion in simple numerology, and when you see a nine it often means the completion of something. Often it is of a time cycle, an energy or the completion of a paradigm. But it’s very strong.
The nines are stronger than many of the other numerological aspects and you feel them. The president-elect (at this writing) is a strong wild card. He is scheduled to become the 45th president. What a coincidence! Forty-five is a nine. A nine and a nine together are more than significant. They tell a story about what is happening.

地球のワイルドカード by クライオン