叡智の帰還 by ソフィア

ソフィア  叡智の帰還   Judith Kusel    私たちは全体として成熟の域に達しようとし…

情報源: 叡智の帰還 by ソフィア

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)
Sophia – the Return to Wisdom
by Judith Kusel 2014-1-24

叡智の帰還 by ソフィア

💛エネルギー受信機 by Judith Kusel


情報源: 💛ショート2017-01

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)  
Judith Kusel

The energies streaming in now are very potent.
You might feel disorientated, or just a bit off kilter.
Just remember to properly ground yourself deeply into Mother Earth and allow her to assist you absorb the energy.
Grow golden roots from beneath the soles of your feet, and then let them grow through all the layers of earth, until you find the Sun Crystal Pyramid in the middle of the earth and then anchor your roots firmly into that, you might even want to wrap your roots around it.
Then pull up the white golden energy from the pyramid, up through your feet and anchor it firmly into your torso, solar plexus and heart center.
Work on the opening up of your higher transmitters, especially the pineal and pituitary glands.
You are asked to bring more light into them, and into your upper chakras, e.g. heart, throat, third eye, crown, causal, soul star, stellar gateway chakras.
Ask your highest guidance to clear them – and remove any dark clouds, or even gray mist obscuring the lenses of your inner seeing, inner hearing, and inner knowing.
You have another and very hidden energy center in the back of your throat center – where you swallow, what is sometimes called the small tongue, that area. That is now getting more and more activated, as the upper pyramids are being cleared, so that we can now receive higher and more potent cosmic upgrades, and we can receive higher transmissions of Light and Sound frequencies.
The sound frequencies work with this throat energy center, and you might feel a slight sensation there, or like a tuning fork vibrates. In truth this center looks like an Ankh, with loop going upwards and the tail-end going down your spinal column and upper loop of the Ankh loops around the pineal and pituitary glands.
Keep away from alcohol, and even type of drugs which suppress the central nervous systems. You will just block out the upgrades and the alcohol and other substances are geared to close down the third eye, the pineal and pituitary glands and therefore your whole cosmic sensors, which are truly antenna like, and where you can tune into the higher vibratory impulses being beamed down now, in magnitude, by the 7th Central Sun.
(Judith Kusel)


黄金の根っこが足の裏から伸びて行きます。それから地球のいろいろな層を通過して地球の真ん中にあるサン・クリスタルピラミッド(Sun Crystal Pyramid)まで行き、根っこをその中にしっかりとアンカーしてください。するとその時に、根っこが包まれるように感じるかもしれません。

(Judith Kusel)

Judith Kusel

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)  
Judith Kusel

The mind will conjure up a thousand reasons…..
You are asked to go into your soul, move into the higher states of pure unconditional love and stop the mind in its tracks.
When the soul knowing then moves into the highest alignment with the mind, AHA! moments occur and the cosmic expanded vision and knowing moves in: – that is when miracles start happening.
Not before!
(Judith Kusel)

(Judith Kusel)

💛 Judith Kusel

10月22日 これから3か月から半年の間、大きなエネルギー変化が起こるので少し不調になる人がいるかもしれません…

情報源: 💛 ショート 2016-10

Translation by Lightworkermike (Minoru Enomoto)  
Judith Kusel 2016-10-21

You might feel a little disorientated from now on and in the next three to six month, as massive energy shifts are happening.
These shifts are more in the inner earth, and link up with a general revamping of all their systems in Agartha, the inner world. They are preparing for the shifts to come, and therefore are assisting Mother Earth to adjust her frequency bands, in accordance with that of Milky Way Galaxy, which is assuming a new orbit (for want of better word).

The Milky Way Galaxy is busy shifting back to her original place in the cosmic Divine Order, for during the Wars of Heavens, she and the other 12 Master Galaxies, all were thrown out of their original places, as some of the galaxies were blown up. The earth too was thrown out of orbit as total chaos reigned in all of the Creation.
During this time it is essential to allow the flow, the fluidity of this shift to carry you through. Be water-like for water find ways to flow, even sometimes will carve its way through, around, sheer rocks, and even overflow (like Waterfalls).
I have been told time and again not to plan too much ahead, for anything and everything can change within one eyewink. This does not mean that one cannot have a plan – or schedule for that matter, it is just that one has to allow flexibility within this so that in the advent of something extraordinary happening, one is fluid enough to adjust, to change, and to be open to whatever comes.
As our whole energy systems are going through a massive revamping we will experience more and more digestive problems and these are nervous system related. Mental disturbances will come about, for those who are not in tune with their inner soul selves, and therefore cosmically linked.
There is intense work being done from the Cosmic Core, on our base and sacral chakras, as well as our solar plexus, throat and Third Eye chakras.
There is a higher reason behind this, for in Atlantis, the whole energy systems were literally shut down when they started closing off the upper pyramid of the body, and with that the lower pyramid, then went into overdrive, resulting in fear, and intense feelings of separation, lostness, indeed chaos.
Keep on the cleansing and clearing every single day, and work on the cleansing, clearing, balancing of all your chakras, especially the ones mentioned above.
With disorientation, the best is to go for long walks in nature, go barefoot, and connect with Mother Earth. Also allow yourself to just chill out and be. I am often told, when my whole systems are upgraded to go and lie down while they work on my energy fields. When they did a lot of work (like yesterday where they were activating immense higher Soul energies, keys and codes in my body) I will feel the effect the next day, and then just have to take it slowly until my body has assimilated all the changes.
Be kind to yourself and your body. Adrenalin rushes general put the body into overdrive, and then the energy changes cannot be assimilated and therefore the upgrading won’t be as effective.
More than this, love yourself enough to make time for meditation and just to be, quietly, silently, and then listen deep within for guidance. Go connect with Mother Earth outside, for she is much bigger than you are and is assimilating much changes much faster than you do.
The whole cosmos, angels, Archangels etc. are all gathered here now to assist us through these changes. ASK them to help you, to show you the way, and help you to assimilate these changes in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, for ALL of these are being revamped. You cannot ever separate the physical body, from all the other energy bodies. In truth we have 12 and in the beginning had 24 and the more evolved you become, the more energy bodies are activated.
(Judith Kusel)